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   As we near the end of the Church year, the prophet Malachi directs our attention to the end time, the “Day of the Lord”. In this weeks Gospel, Jesus’ final teaching before His passion advises how to be ready for that day. Until that day arrives, St. Paul’s advice to the Thessalonians holds for us: “Work with tranquility”.

   The Gospel invites us not to put our trust in a Temple or in religious structures that might seem solid and indestructible but that really are not. There is no religious expression that can overcome the greatness and power of God. Therefore, it is not right to support our faith outside of Him. Buildings, institutions, people ... everything passes, but the Lord and His Word never do. Christians could lose our temples buildings or offices, but we continue on because our identity does not lie in them. What we cannot lose is faith and faithfulness to the Lord, the commitment to evangelize and the purpose to live each day as if it were the last, giving value to what really matters: building the kingdom of God, living the fraternity, seeking the good of all. May the Lord give us the grace to give his testimony in the midst of trials and difficulties.




XXXIII Sunday Ordinary Time C

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