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Our Ministries

Christ is the only mediator between God and men, the only priest who offers the sacrifice of salvation, the only bearer of revelation, since it is the word of God made flesh. But in the Church a new gender ministry is exercised, which is at the service of the Word, of communion, of worship and of charity.

The word "ministry" should not be reduced exclusively to the function of those belonging to the priestly order, but has a plural connotation (ministries) and refers to the variety of services and functions within the Church.

Our parish serves through various ministries. We invite you to meet them and to link to any of them.



They are responsible for the religious education of children, youth and adults in our area


Ministry dedicated to helping young people of the parish and engage in various community activities that strengthen their faith and commitment.

Couples &


They are responsible for the preparation of candidates for marriage, and
of couples counseling
and family life.



It is the ministry in charge of the formation of the base communities.

Liturgy & Sacraments

It is responsible for decorating the parish, and in order to maintain the sacristy and in good ornaments and sacred vessels.

Sacristy &


They are the young people who attend the priests and deacons during the liturgical celebrations.




They are the ministry responsible for helping the community to pray with music and song of the Sunday Masses and special events in the parish.


Readers of the parish, are responsible for the proclamation of the word in both daily and Sunday Masses celebrations.

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion

They are the ministers who bring communion to the sick and who collaborate with the priests and deacons in the distribution of communion during the Masses.


The ushers welcome the feligreeses, place the parishioners in the assembly and collect the offerings.


They are people who accompany the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel, praying for personal needs and community.

Social Action


This ministry is responsible for helping people in need in our neighborhood


This ministry coordinates the meals that are offered at the parish meetings.


This ministry coordinates the events that take place in our parish.


This ministry responsible for ordering and distributing the clothes we receive in donation for people who may need it.





Cultural Outreach

This ministry works with Martha/Mary Concerts and Colonial Florida Cultural Heritage Center to welcome persons of all faiths and backgrounds through concerts and cultural events.


It is the ministry that is responsible for keeping the parish facilities clean and well presented.


It is the ministry that is responsible for tracking the money donated to the parish through the collections during Masses and other events to raise funds.


They are the ministers in charge of providing information to the parish communications office through photos or articles related to the activities and projects of our community.

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