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Our Icons

Icons of Our Lord

The Holy Christ of Mercy

The work is inspired by studies of the crucifixion based on mechanical, anatomical, legal medicine and physical anthropology experiments, contributed by research on the Holy Shroud of Turin and the Holy Shroud of Oviedo. The postmortem lesion attributed to a spear that, with an upward and oblique trajectory, entered the thoracic cavity, with an entrance attributed through the fifth right anterior intercostal space, and with an exit hole between the fourth or fifth right posterior intercostal space, stands out. "... one of the soldiers pierced his side with a spear, and immediately blood and water came out" John, 19: 33-34.


Christ of Medinaceli

This image shows Jesus presented to the people by Pilate. 1621 was taken by Capuchin missionaries to Morocco. There was captured by a Turkish sultan who made the subject of ridicule. Some Trinidadians religious managed to rescue a sum of money. Hence the title of "Captive". She was taken to Madrid, where he was placed in a chapel built on land donated by the Duke of Medinaceli land. The faithful of our parish venerate in the Chapel of Our Lord of Miracles and leaves in solemn procession on Good Friday each year.


The Lord of Esquipulas

The Lord of Esquipulas or the Black Christ of Esquipulas, is the image of Jesus Crucified carved at the request of the town of Esquipulas in Guatemala in 1595. Since then it is the subject of fervent adoration of millions of faithful of Guatemala and other Central American countries who come pilgrimages to his shrine invoking him as "Miraculous Santo Cristo de Esquipulas". 


The Lord of Miracles

With this title they worship the Lord Jesus Crucified originally painted by a tan on an adobe wall in a slum of Lima of 1646. For the many miracles that faithful saying get venerating the image was called as the Lord of the Miracles. Our parish has it in its own chapel and every year traditionally celebrates its celebration with Mass and procession calling on the Peruvian community of Miami.


Marians Icons

The Macarena

La Macarena, or Virgin of the Esperanza Macarena, is venerated in the Basilica of the Macarena neighborhood of San Gil de Sevilla. In our parish his image accompanies the faithful in the Blessed Sacrament chapel and leaves in solemn procession every Good Friday

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Our Lady of Altagracia

Church of the Mission of Alta Gracia our parish has on one side of the main altar a canvas with the image of the Virgen de la Alta Gracia, framed in a beautiful high relief and gilded candlesticks with two lights. Our Lady of Alta Gracia is invoked as mother and protector of the Dominican people. Since the colony is revered in the town of Higuey, where he has pitched a sumptuous Basilica. According to tradition, this title came to the island of Santo Domingo for the years 1600 led by a Spanish peasants from Plascencia of Extremadura (Spain), where the original image is located. It represents the birth of Jesus.


Our Lady of Mercy

This invocation has its beginning on August 1, 1218, when the Virgin Mary appeared to St. Peter Nolasco, who would be the founder of the Order of Mercy and two others to King James I of Aragon and the Dominican San Raimundo de Peñafort. Under the patronage of Our Lady of Mercy, in the chapel of the Lord of the MiIagros of our parish, our Mother of Heaven has been venerated in a small image bordered by white and crowned ornaments. From the thirteenth century, the Virgin of Mercy is invoked as a protector and redeemer of the captives. She is also a patron of the Dominican Republic.

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Our Lady of Guadalupe

In our Mother Church, next to the main altar, there is a beautiful canvas with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, as it appeared to San Juan Diego on the hill of Tepeyac, Mexico, in 1531. In his last appearance, the Virgin asked Juan Diego to cut and take in his Ayate some flowers from Tepeyac, to the bishop, but when he deployed his ayate before Bishop Juan de Zumárraga, the image of the Virgin Mary appeared, dark and with the mestizos. Since then she venerates as patroness of Mexico and of all Latin America. Our parish venerates her since December 12, 1959, placing herself under her protection.


Our Lady of Pilar

The legend about its origins goes back to the year 40, when, according to Christian tradition, on January 2 the Virgin Mary appeared to Santiago Apóstol in Caesaraugusta. Maria arrived in Saragossa "in mortal flesh" -before her Assumption- and as a testimony of her visit she would have left a jasper column popularly known as "el Pilar". The original image is about a late Gothic-Franco-Burgundian sculpture of 1435 attributed to Juan de la Huerta, Daroca's imagery. As for its iconography, it is observed Mary crowned and with a tunic and cloak, which she picks up with her right hand, contemplating Jesus as a child who holds the mantle of his mother with his right hand and a bird with his left.


Our Lady of Grace

The Miraculous is patron in one of the missions of our parish. There is venerated under the invocation with which the Virgin Mary was manifested to Saint Catherine Laboure, the humble Vincentian religious, on November 27, 1830, in Paris. Rays of light sprout from his hands and around his head he reads: "Oh, Mary conceived without sin, pray for us that we turn to you". In the lower part is the medal that shows an M with a cross and the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. In the promise of the Virgin, wearing this medal with devotion and invoking the Virgin Mary, miracles have been achieved.


Our Lady of Fatima

In the temple of the Mission San Roberto Belarmino is venerated the Virgin Mary of Fatima in a beautiful picture, as appeared to three shepherd children in Fatima (Portugal) between 13 May and 13 October 1917 calling for prayer rosary for the conversion of sinners and peace in the world


La Caridad del Cobre

Our Lady of Charity also known as Our Lady of El Cobre or Nuestra Senora de la Caridad del Cobre or "la Virgen de la Caridad" is a popular Marian title of the Blessed Virgin Mary known in many Catholic countries.

Several known Marian images with the same title exist around the world while a particular Hispanic image is pontifically designated by Pope Benedict XV as the Patroness of Cuba. The present image is enshrined in the National Shrine Basilica of Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre, built in 1926 and situated in the village El Cobre, near Santiago de Cuba. Pope Pius XI granted a Canonical Coronation for the image on 20 December 1936. The feast day of Our Lady of Charity is September 8; the solemn Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.[1]


Saints Advocations

St. Terese of the Andes

Chile's first saint canonized by Pope John Paul II devoted his life to the Lord as a Carmelite religious barefoot. He used to say: "Since my childhood Jesus appropriated my heart." He received special graces that led to intense union with God and an ardent appeal because all love Jesus. He died at age 19 after suffering a painful disease that endured in a spirit of atonement. The church keeps his body in the city of San Felipe is the center of mass pilgrimages especially young people. His image is exposed in the Mother Church.

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St. Roberto Bellarmine

On 1 October 2009, St. Robert Bellarmine Parish stopped being parish and became a new mission of our parish Corpus Christi. In the temple of this mission is a picture with the image of this saint. St. Robert Bellarmine belonged to the Society of Jesus, which he entered Rome in 1562. He was bishop and cardinal. He distinguished himself for the holy zeal in his preaching, writings and teachings defended the faith of the Church and the supremacy of the Pope before the attacks of the Protestants, thus being declared Doctor of the Church


Saint Joseph

The glorious Patriarch St. Joseph is venerated in our parish in three images: the first, in the whole of the Holy Family of Mother Church; the second largest in the temple dela Mission San Roberto Belarmino, and the third, small, in the Blessed Sacrament chapel.


St. John Baptist

In the atrium of the Church of the Mission San Juan Bautista is a beautiful bronze sculpture of San Juan Bautista Child before an octagonal pile with a water jet. Certainly meant by San Juan Niño this picture when he leaped for joy in his mother's womb Santa Isabel as she heard the greeting of Mary (Luke ....). The supplier represents water of the Jordan River where John baptized up to baptize Jesus himself. (Mat ....) This battery reminds the faithful that pass through her baptism by which they entered the church.


St. Francis and St. Claire

Church Mission San Francisco and Santa Clara of our parish has the images of these saints into two smaller sizes together on one side of the main altar. The first depicts St. Francis of Assisi, the saint of poverty and joy in the Lord, who sings in the "Hymn of the Creatures" and invokes the "Prayer for Peace". In his image Santa Clara of Assisi appears carrying a monstrance with the Blessed Sacrament in memory that scared her a horde of barbarians that threatened their monastery.



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