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The Holy Christ of Mercy

The Holy Christ of Mercy is a work of Sevillian image-maker Juan Manuel Miñarro. The work reflects the research on the Holy Shroud. Miñarro is a great connoisseur of everything related to the Shroud and many of these features are defined in the image made. The sculptor has reproduced the features, injuries, and wounds reflected in the Holy Shroud, of which the sculptor is a great scholar and there are already several carvings made following this line. Perhaps the most important is the Christ of the University of Córdoba, work prior to this Christ of Mercy.

Precisely, aware of the existence of said crucified Cordovan, the brothers of the Macarena of our parish contacted Miñarro to ask him for a replica, something that the sculptor refused, alleging that image-makers should not work in series.

Instead, he offered them to make completely new work, although also based on the body of the Holy Shroud, with the knowledge that is now available on how the condemned were crucified in Roman times. Juan Manuel Miñarro clarifies that the Christ of the University is unique and does not accept repeating it, nor his crown, nor his wounds. That is why the new Christ of Miami is different.

Although the brotherhood of Macarena wanted "an exact copy of the Santo Cristo de la Universidad" this is smaller than the one in Córdoba and has visible differences with it, such as the classic crown of thorns and its cross is mixed, between arboreal and flat.
The new image of the Shroud Christ is unique as it is the first to present the body pierced by the lance "it is the first tranfiserum".

In this sense, together with the exact position of the spear, which completely crosses the body as Saint John tells in his Gospel, the actual placement of the nails in the wrists and not in the palms of the hands or the less rigid posture that the usual in the representations of Christ on the cross, Miñarro has applied to the image many more marks of the flogging and wounds than are usually represented in the sculptures of this iconography or, for example, shows the dislocated left shoulder, as as a 3D reconstruction of the body of the Shroud did look.

Finally, in the 'titulus crucis' the letters are written backward and it includes some errors, as in the relic that is preserved.


Presentation Juan Manuel Miñarro, sculptor.


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