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In order to meet the needs of our community, the parish provides important services in the areas of food, health, clothing, culture and pastoral care.  We have many important projects that are only made possible through donations from  individuals and organizations who are willing to help us.

You can help in many ways, whether it is by donating money, food, clothing or useful belongings in good condition,  or by giving your time to serve our community through a ministry.  Clothing,  and nonperishable food and other items are collected at the parish office, during regular office hours.

We invite you to get to know our parish, its activities and projects, so you can choose the best way to collaborate with us. 

Ways you can donate:

In person

or by mail


by SMS

You can make a check payable to Corpus Christi Catholic Church

Using the following links:


Text a SMS with the amount you  wish to donate to


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