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About the Temple

     The Mother Church is an impressive construction, not only for its dimensions, but also for its sober but monumental decoration.

     It is built in the shape of a Latin cross. Its main corridor has a length of more than 120 feet and its height is 45 feet.

     The main altar is presided over in the crucified Christ, work of the Croatian macro sculptor Ivan Mestrovich. Called the Rodin of the 20th century, Mestrovich is recognized worldwide for his expertise and his works can be valued in Notre Dame, Indiana.

     The altar is a single block of granite 12 feet wide that blends harmoniously with the temple.

     Behind the altar is the tabernacle on which all attention is focused. On the sides are the chapels dedicated to the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph.

     Next to the presbytery is the baptismal font, ready to perform baptisms by immersion.

     The temple has a capacity for 1000 people.



09:00 AM (English)

11:00 AM (Spanish)

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Mother Chruch Coordinator

Silvia Armira



3220 NW 7th Ave.,

Miami FL 33127 

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