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 Palm Sunday, as it is known in English, starts our travel through Holy Week towards Easter, the day of the Resurrection. Perhaps we have traveled this way before, perhaps not. But this year may be a memorable trip through the mysteries we celebrate on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday up to the allelluias of the Resurrection.

     In today’s Gospel we read the Passion of the Lord for the first time this week. This is the longest Gospel passage of any read in church. And there, in the reading of the Passion, we will discover in how many different ways we can be part of the world’s suffering.

    Christians believe that the passion and death of the Lord are not the final outcome. We believe that in the end, with the resurrection, God the Father, through Christ, gives us hope in eternal life. In these difficult times we are capable of doing good for others, even from our homes. We can call those who are alone and lonely, we can provide food and necessities to those who need it, and we can support the doctors, nurses and volunteers who are tirelessly working for the benefit of us all. May we be able to unite in prayer, even if that means through YouTube and social media, and thus, keep the fire of our faith and hope alive in our hearts. Our Lord will transform our sacrifices and privations into grace and joy. May the Lord bless you!




Palm Sunday

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