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   In this feast of the baptism of the Lord, we do not celebrate an isolated event in the life of Jesus, but the beginning of his messianic mission that is yet to be completed in each of us. That mission comes to the baptized, with the task of transforming the world through the implementation of justice and law. The mandate to teach all nations, baptizing them, receives all its strength in our own baptism. "They will be my witnesses," Christ tells us with clear and decisive words. But we ask ourselves, what does it mean to be witnesses of Christ? To be witnesses means to realize the prophetic mission received at baptism. It means bringing the baptismal message to family life, to the place of work, wherever we are. By receiving baptism, Jesus gives us a sign that nothing human is alien to him. He, being equal in everything to us except in sin, shows us the way of the inner conversion with his own example. With this feast we culminate Christmas time and start a new ordinary time.




Baptism of the Lord

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