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.7z Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: How to pass parameters to onclick event using array in JavaScript I have created a short function like this function setPlace(x,y) { var place=document.getElementById("place"); place.innerHTML="Place"+x+y; } I have an array for the place of x,y like var places=[x,y,x,y]; Here x and y are the parameter i have to pass to the setPlace function. But this is not working. How can i pass parameters to onclick event? A: You're missing the parameter definition. You would write it like this: Without the function definition, you would write it like this: Lesser Yellowlegs Petrela inca The Lesser Yellowlegs is a medium-large migratory wader in the sandpiper family. It breeds in western Alaska, and winters in South America. The Lesser Yellowlegs is one of the smallest of the plovers




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